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08 juuni, 2007

Happy birthday PRAXIS!

PRAXIS Centre for Policy Studies have reached to the school age - we are 7 years old now. PRAXIS was founded by 4 bright people who were concerned about low level of policy making traditions and the main objective has been therefore to increase the evidence-based policy research and analysis in Estonia. PRAXIS has today 5 main topics to deal with: innovation, social and labour policy, public health and health care, education and good governance. We have been successful in redesigning the field of policy making in Estonia and still we see huge need for better and evidence based decision making in all levels of society.

Today is our birthday and this is first time the blog is made in english. We see and know that there are people outside of Estonia who are interested in policy development in Estonia and neighbouring countries. Please feel comfortable to ask and suggest the themes we could tell about our life and every day activities in PRAXIS and Estonia, and we hope that we can draw you the colorful picture about that here in our blog.

Thank you all -
our friends and partners out in the World!
Let's make world better together :)

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